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    New Natural 7mm Tourmaline & 6mm / Water Drop Shaped Amethyst & 4 mm Clear Rock Crystal Quartz Fashion Design Necklace, Love Gift

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    Natural Tourmaline Crystal Quartz Stone



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    Model FNTCA-070-01
    Description New Natural 7mm Tourmaline & 6mm / Water Drop Shaped Amethyst & 4 mm Clear Rock Crystal Quartz Fashion Design Necklace Gift
    Materials 1.) 7mm Natural Tourmaline Crystal Quartz. 
    2.) 5mm x 7-10 mm Water Drop Shaped Natural Amethyst Crystal Quartz.
    3.) 6mm Natural Amethyst Crystal Quartz.
    4.) 4mm Natural Clear Rock Crystal Quartz.
    5.) 2x2mm Clear Glass Bead.
    6.) Heart Shaped Nickel Free Plated Silver Color Clasp + 2 Inches Chain End.
    Necklace Length Size About 18.25  inches including clasp + 2 inches chain end
    Crystal / Gemstone Necklace Color    Light Red, Light  Grape, Apple Green , Dark Green Mauve, Clear White,  Light Purple;
    Necklace Net Weight About 39 Grams
    Packing  Packed into Gift Box 
    Crystal / Gemstone's Country of Origin 1.) 7mm Natural Tourmaline  & Water Drop Shaped Amethyst Crystal Quartz- Africa ; 
    2.) 6mm Natural Amethyst & 4mm Natural Clear Rook Crystal Quartz- Brazil
    Remarks 1 Tourmaline, amethyst, clear rock  stone are real natural crystal quartz, which has been proved to have birefringence effect ( double refractive)  by checking with gemstone equipment.
    Remarks 2 Item colors may vary from pictures displayed on listing.
    Insurance Optional  (at buyer's cost)
    Use For  1.) Match fashion design / lesiure garments.
    2.) As a season / birthday gift.
    3.) Spirit healing or Feng Shui.
    Shipping Methods 1.) United States USA (America) , France, Russia , Macau, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia , Indonesia, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Korea, Switzerland, Thailand, Philippines, China, Norway, Isreal, Canada, Brazil, Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal   Russia,  - By airmail e-express (ec-ship) service.
    2.) Other Overseas Countries - By Registered Airmail.
    3.) Hong Kong - By Registered Mail.

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