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    Natural Aventurine Crystal Quartz Stone - History / Legend & Metaphysical Spirit Healing & Gemstone Information

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    I.) History and Legend of Crystal Gemstone  Aventurine has been used for many centuries in the making of jewelry, vases and bowls, and other ornamental pieces.  A very unique ancient vase made of bright Aventurine is displayed in the Hermitage Art Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.
    Sometimes, it is called “Indian Jade� or the “Stone of Heaven�. It is known as the “gambler’s stone� because it is the luckiest of all stones in games of chance.
    II.) Metaphysical & Spirit Healing Properties of Crystal Gemstone 1.) Improves creativity
    2.) Brings good fortune and wealth.
    3.) Dispels negative information.
    4.) Balances yin-yang energy.
    5.) Protection stone for traveling.
    6.) Helps people to macro view the matter.
    7.) Beneficial to thymus grand and nervous system.
    8.) Green Aventurine: Use of heart chakra, opened and purified and protection functions.


    Gemstone Items Mohs Scale of Hardness Refractive Index Birefringence Specific Gravity
    Quartz  (Crystal)


    1.544 - 1.553