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    Natural Tiger Eye Crystal Quartz Stone - History / Legend & Metaphysical Spirit Healing & Gemstone Information

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    Natural Crystal Quartz Stone Product

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    I.) History and Legend of Crystal Gemstone  Roman soldiers wore it and engraved it with symbols to protect them during battle. Legend says that wearing tiger’s eye is beneficial for health, spiritual well being and psychic protector.
    II.) Metaphysical & Spirit Healing Properties of Crystal Gemstone 1.) Protection and breaking spells.
    2.) Helps to judge and determine the best possible way.
    3.) Helps to achieve people’s goals.
    4.) Inspires spirit
    5.) Increases spiritual reaction energy.
    6.) Makes self clear cognition
    7.) Brings good luck and good fortune.
    8.) Balances yin-yang energy. 

    Natural Crystal Quartz Stone Information

    Gemstone Items Mohs Scale of Hardness Refractive Index Birefringence Specific Gravity
    (寶石種類) (摩氏硬度) (折光率) (雙折射) (比重)
    Quartz     (石英水晶)


    1.544 - 1.553