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    Natural Peridot Stone - History / Legend & Metaphysical Spirit Healing & Gemstone Information

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    History and Legend of Crystal Gemstone  At one time, Peridot was more valuable than diamonds. This gemstone is actually known by three names: Peridot, Chrysolith and Olivin, because peridot is the gemstone variety of the olivin mineral. In the gemstone trade it is generally called peridot, a name derived from the Greek word "peridona", with a meaning along the lines of "giving plenty".  Peridot is a typically green but sometimes it is also yellowish-green or olive green. It can be found in Arizona, Hawaii, in the Red Sea, in Australia and Pakistan. Some Peridot crystals have even been found inside meteorites.. Intuitive sources say Peridot is a powerful generator of the frequency of Increase. 
    Metaphysical & Healing Properties of Crystal Gemstone 1.) Peridot brings abundance and prosperity.
    2.) To increase health.
    2.) To increase of joy and emotional well being.
    3.) It is said to bring the will and emotions into alignment, and to decrease fear.
    4.) It is said that Peridot assists in rebirth and renewal of all kinds.
    5.) To emits a warm and friendly energy helping one to release the old negative patterns when one is accustomed to.
    6.) It is associated with and balances the heart chakra. It is a stone of compassion.
    7.) It enhances the healing and harmony of all relationships, especially marriage.  
    It can lessen stress, anger and jealousy and slow aging.
    8.) Peridot can assist in finding what is lost, strengthens ESP abilities and provides the wearer with protection.


    Gemstone Items Mohs Scale of Hardness Refractive Index Birefringence Specific Gravity
    Peridot  (Crystal) 


    1.65 -1.69