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    New Water Drop Shaped Natural Moonstone & Clear Crystal Quartz Stone Design Bracelet, Love Gift

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    Natural Moonstone & Clear Rock Crystal Quartz Stone Bracelet



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    Model FBMOC-DWA-04b
    Description New Water Drop Shaped Natural Moonstone & Clear Crystal Quartz Stone Design Bracelet Love Gift
    Materials 1.) Water Drop Shaped Natural Moonstone Crystal Quartz.
    Bead Size : About 4.5 -6 Wx 8.5 -11L (mm).
    2.) 4.5mm Natural Clear Rock Crystal Quartz.
    3.) Inserted Heart Shaped Nickel Free Plated Silver Color Copper Clasp.
    Bracelet Size  1.) Bracelet Inside Circumference: About 6.75 Inches (17.15 cm);
    2.) Bracelet Length: About 
    7.75 Inches ( 19.7 cm);
    Crystal / Gemstone Bracelet  Color    Light Cream with Light Sky Blue & Clear White
    Bracelet Net Weight  Approx. 17 Grams 
    Packing Method Packed into Gift Box 
    Crystal / Gemstone's Country of Origin 1.) Natural Moonstone Quartz's Country of Origin- Africa Stone ; 
    2.) Natural Clear Rock Quartz's Country of Origin - Brazil Stone;
    Remarks 1 Moonstone & clear rock  stones  are real natural crystals, which have been proved to have birefringence effect (double refractive) by checking with gemstone equipment.
    Remarks 2 Item colors may vary from pictures displayed on listing.
    Insurance  Optional (at Buyer's Cost) 
    Use For  1.) Match Fashion Design / Lesiure Garments.
    2.) As a Festival / Birthday Gift.
    3.) Spirit Healing or Feng Shui.
    Shipping Method  1.) USA (America), France, Singapore  -  By airmail e-express (ec-ship) service. 
    2.) Other Overseas Countries - 
    By Registered Airmail.
    3.) China - By Registered Airmail.
    4.) Hong Kong, Macau – By Registered Mail.
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