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    Natural Rutilated Crystal Quartz Stone (天然髮水晶石) - History / Legend & Metaphysical Spirit Healing & Gemstone Information

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    Natural Crystal Quartz Stone Product

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    Natural Rutilated Crystal Quartz Stone


    I.) History and Legend of Crystal Gemstone  In the Western countries, Rutilated quartz has been used as gemstones and other ornamental and religious objects for thousands of years. It has been referred to as Venus hair stone  Cupid's darts and Fleches d'amour.   Rutile derives its name from the Latin rutilus meaning red. 
    II.) Metaphysical & Spirit Healing Properties of Crystal Gemstone 1.) To bring one into an altered state of consciousness.
    2.) To relieve depression and loneliness.
    3.) To provide new direction and enhance creativity.
    4.) Find out the origin of problem and use appropriate solution.
    5.) Promotes to channeling and astral travel.
    6.) Amplified energies and intention.
    7.) To bring physical and mental balance and stability.
    8.) To slow down the aging process.

    Natural Crystal Quartz Stone Information

    Gemstone Items Mohs Scale of Hardness Refractive Index Birefringence Specific Gravity
    (寶石種類) (摩氏硬度) (折光率) (雙折射) (比重)
    Quartz     (石英水晶)


    1.544 - 1.553